terça-feira, janeiro 12, 2010

Rasta´s Quiver

USC ALIEN from Formula Energy on Vimeo.

Formula Energy is a Gold Coast based surfboard manufacturing business. We produce custom made high performance surf hardware. Combined the owners have over 50 years of board building know how.

All surfboards are handmade at our factory on the Gold Coast. All Boards are custom made therefore we can design and create the exact specifications that you require. We strive to manufacture the most high performance product possible but are mindful of environmental impact and the negative values of using standard board building materials. Through a long process of research and development, we can now offer a more eco friendly surfboard but without compromising performance. In fact we know our boards go better!

Our Patented rail re-enforcement process was developed by Gary McNeill . The concept of the parabolic rail is not new but the way we apply modern materials is totally unique and now through much research and development proving to deliver a surfboard which gets you to sections much quicker and without losing drive but in fact accelerating out of turns quicker. Many variables are in use when producing a “magic” board we believe we can supply you with the right variables to produce something special. Enjoy

Aloha and Mahalo for reading

P.s. What a quiver :D

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Mugen2i disse...

tambem foi a que mais me impressionou, gostava de tentar fazer um brinquedo desses.