quarta-feira, dezembro 31, 2008

Happy 2009

I wish you all a quiver like this for 2009 :D

Aloha and Mahalo for reading

terça-feira, dezembro 30, 2008

Girls Rip

A tribute to all Surfer girls..

They really rip hard..

Aloha and Mahalo for reading

segunda-feira, dezembro 29, 2008

Bustin Down the Door

I had to show you this vid again because yesterday I saw the full movie for the first time and I have to tell you that a big piece of surfing heritage is in this movie.
Shaun Thomson did an amazing work portraying the life of the aussies and himself in Hawaii... The waves, the boards, the fights, the beatings, the poundings, the hideouts, simply amazing stories and footage.
I was completely glued to the screen for the whole movie. I was able to feel waht those guys were talking about, I was really living the environment.

And for me when Shaun says "Surfing can make it better" and starts crying, a special feeling ran through my body..

Thanks Shaun, Mark and Rabbit for "doing" it

Aloha and Mahalo for reading

P.s. We are all blessed to be Surfers

domingo, dezembro 28, 2008

sexta-feira, dezembro 26, 2008

True Love

True love... Something that´s becoming very rare...

Love your Ocean, Love your peers... True Love

Aloha and Mahalo for reading

quinta-feira, dezembro 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I wish you all a fantastic day with everything that you want and need..
Be true to yourself.. Be yourself..
Aloha and Mahalo for reading

quarta-feira, dezembro 24, 2008

Dk´s are in da House

My two DK´s arrived :D
Two amazing surfboards... One 5´8´´ twin keel and one 6´0´´ very special order handshaped from top to bottom...
Thanks to Rui from Magic Quiver
Thanks to Rabbit for the Paint Job
Thanks to Paulo from BoardCulture
And many many many thanks to DJ Kane for shaping these two amazing Boards..
Merry Christmas to everyone... Mele Kalikimaka
Aloha and Mahalo for reading

terça-feira, dezembro 23, 2008

segunda-feira, dezembro 22, 2008

domingo, dezembro 21, 2008


A surfer and a surfboard... we´re always happy in our own way..

Aloha and Mahalo for reading

sábado, dezembro 20, 2008

Classic Footage

You got to take a look at the past to see the future..

Aloha and Mahalo for reading

sexta-feira, dezembro 19, 2008

Retro is cool

Go Retro... Be different... Retro is cool... I love it

Aloha and Mahalo for reading

quinta-feira, dezembro 18, 2008

Buttons Kaluhiokalani

Boards were plenty small by the '70s, but surfers had yet to make sense of the new equipment. Ideas of what could be accomplished on a wave were changing with each passing swell. Staying ahead of this revolution meant paddling into every session with an open mind, an ability to erase all preconceived notions. The leading force of change was a pack of young Hawaiians, none more exuberant or spontaneous than the one they called Buttons.

On tiny, single-fin stingers from coach and shaper Ben Aipa, his unpredictable style gained the attention of the surfing world. At places like Velzyland and across Oahu's South Shore, Buttons and comrades Larry Bertlemann and Mark Liddel were turning the lineup into a liquid park and launching radical skateboard-inspired moves. Though commonplace today, tailslides and 360s (sometimes while riding within the barrel) were the inventions of these fun-loving innovators.

Aloha and Mahalo for reading

quarta-feira, dezembro 17, 2008

Surfer´s Stoke

For all of you portuguese speaking humans...
The stoke of a surfer is really something that you cannot describe..

Keep the stoke brothers...

Aloha and Mahalo for reading...

terça-feira, dezembro 16, 2008

segunda-feira, dezembro 15, 2008

Surfer Dude

Watched it yesterday and found it to be a real flop.
The only good thing was the music, specially Xavier Rudd.

Aloha and Mahalo for reading

domingo, dezembro 14, 2008

Bob Pike

Bob Pike was the first and greatest of Australia's big-wave surfers. In the early '60s, he traveled to the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, and rode with the legends -- Hawaii's Jose Angel and Buzzy Trent, California's Pat Curren, Rick Grigg and Greg Noll. These surfers pioneered the monster waves and unknowingly helped create a millions-strong worldwide surfing boom.
Like many great surfers of his time, Pike became dislocated from the surfing community when professional competition arrived through the late '70s and '80s. Perhaps he never knew how venerated he was by the generations of Australian surfers who followed him into the big Hawaiian surf decades later.
Pike remained fit and strong well into his 50s, surfing a modern style of board at his beloved Narrabeen. But an accident in 1997 left him badly injured and unable to stand up on a board. A year later he moved from Sydney to the north NSW coast with his second wife, Phillipa.Bob Pike died by his own hand on May 20, 1999.
Long Live Watermen..
Aloha and Mahalo for reading..

sábado, dezembro 13, 2008


Kelly did it again..
For the sixth time Kelly is a Pipemaster.. Congratulations to the King of Surfing
Aloha and Mahalo for reading

sexta-feira, dezembro 12, 2008

Mike Hynson - The Complete Surfer

If ever there was a complete surfer then Mike Hynson is it. His accomplishments are many, his controversies huge, his abilities in the water and behind a planer unquestionable. There are few eras in our sport that he hasn't touched in one-way or another and he stands in a queue' by himself.

Today Mike Hynson still shapes with enthusiasm and a masters touch. His progressive designs and his Fish and Twinzers are being touted as state of the art. His Balsa boards are in high demand. He still shapes daily and creates under the moniker of Hynson Surfboards.

Mike at work

My personal custom made Hynson
Mike is one of the Original Endless Summer surfers. For me a magical person/surfer/mastercraftsman etc. etc.... If you put your hands down the rail of a Hynson surfboard you will surely feel this magic..
Thanks Mike and also thanks to Sean Mattison for making it real..
Aloha and Mahalo for reading
P.s. Thanks Rui for all your efforts to bring some Hynsons to Portugal

quinta-feira, dezembro 11, 2008

La Mar

Surfers rippin´ with "The Beautiful Girls" sound in the background..

Aloha and Mahalo for reading

quarta-feira, dezembro 10, 2008

Endless Summer

The quest for every surfer.. To find the "wave"... And follow the endless Summer

And some Sandals to finish off today´s entry :D

Aolha and Mahalo for reading

terça-feira, dezembro 09, 2008

Fish Surfing

The line... The flow... Nothing beats old school improved shapes...

Aloha and Mahalo for reading

segunda-feira, dezembro 08, 2008

Xavier Rudd

Great sound, great vibes.. Enjoy your day in Peace

Aloha and Mahalo for reading

domingo, dezembro 07, 2008


Surfing is a source... Feel it´s energy, get in sync with it then charge with it...

Aloha and Mahalo for reading

sábado, dezembro 06, 2008

sexta-feira, dezembro 05, 2008

Old School Quiver

I love old school surfboards.... Single fins Pintail ruleee....

Aloha and Mahalo for reading

quinta-feira, dezembro 04, 2008

Siebert Surfboards

If you like wood surfboards you should check out Siebert´s blog and website.

For me he has an amazing talent as a craftsman. Hope to have one of his boards under my feet someday :D

Aloha and Mahalo for reading
P.s. Siebert is the first follower of my blog.

quarta-feira, dezembro 03, 2008


Sharing is the joint use of a resource or space.
Sharing waves with a friend is one of the things I like the most... It brings joy and happiness into friendship... Stop battling for waves and let it flow..
Aloha and Mahalo for reading

terça-feira, dezembro 02, 2008

Tyler Hatzikian

Tyler Hatzikian has been shaping and designing surfboards of all kinds since the age of twelve. A commitment to uncompromising craftsmanship and a dedication to advancing his designs are his trademarks. More than just a pretty glass job and never a reproduction, Tyler Surfboards represent a continuing evolution.

Tyler for me is one of the best craftsman in the surfing industry.. Thank you very much Tyler

Aloha and Mahalo for reading...

segunda-feira, dezembro 01, 2008

domingo, novembro 30, 2008


The act or result of apprehending the inner nature of things or of seeing intuitively

What do you "see" here?

Aloha and Mahalo for reading

sábado, novembro 29, 2008

Royalty Surfing

The largest of the Hawaiian wood surfboards, reserved for royalty was the 'Olo' board. These were the giants of the day at 18' and believed to have reached lengths of 25 feet.

Aloha and Mahalo for reading

sexta-feira, novembro 28, 2008


"A little adrenalin a day keeps the boredom away"

Laird Hamilton

Aloha and Mahalo for reading

quinta-feira, novembro 27, 2008

Jose Angel

Jose is one of the most fearless and best surfers of all time. Jose would take off on giant waves that no one else would even consider. He'd even re-surface from horrific wipeouts laughing; to him it was all part of the fun. And was also known to do radical back-flips or such like off of his board in huge Waimea waves. He was fearless.
Jose was a free surfer; he was never interested in competing. Surprisingly enough he was the Principal of a Hawaiian school, and even skipped school/work one day to surf, only to get caught out pictured on the front page of a local newspaper! Much to the amusement of his friends, and the bemusement of his superintendent! However his students thought he was cool!
Jose was on the cover of the very first issue of Surfer magazine, and later Surfer labelled him the 'Bravest Surfer of All Time'.
Along with surfing, he also loved deep-sea diving. Often free diving extreme distances without the aid of any breathing apparatus. He knew no limits and kept going deeper.
Originally from California, Jose moved to Hawaii, married and started a family. With the death of his mother, Jose started to change. Blaming himself for his mother's death, he had an affair and left his wife and kids. These emotional problems led to him pushing the boundaries even further, one day staying down too long and getting 'the bends' leaving him partially paralysed in one leg. This led to the demise of his surfing. And eventually cost him his life, when he dove down to a depth of 300ft, ran out of air, and tragically never re-surfaced.

Aloha and Mahalo for reading

quarta-feira, novembro 26, 2008

The Shaper

I already have an entry about shaping but today I came across this quote:

"One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man. Elbert Hubbard

For me it summs up the difference between the craftsmanship of a master shaper and the work of a machine that pre-cuts the blanks.
There is also one very interesting sentence that Dane Reynolds said about one of Al merricks handshaped boards. Dane said that the surfboard that Al handshaped for him was an extension of his own feet... Simply Amazing this definition of handshaping..

One master shaper/craftsman at work... "Pat Curren"

And one piece of craftmanship by Tyler Hatzikian...

Aloha and Mahalo for reading

terça-feira, novembro 25, 2008


Be free, be happy, be a better person, help others and Surf a lot.

Respect our Ocean.. If you don´t care for it no one will..

Aloha and Mahalo for reading

segunda-feira, novembro 24, 2008


The Banzai Pipeline, or simply "Pipeline" or "Pipe", is a surf reef break located off Ehukai Beach Park on the north shore of Oahu. A reef break is an area in the ocean where waves crash once they reach the shallows of a reef. Pipeline is notorious and famous for its huge waves breaking in shallow water just above its sharp and cavernous reef forming large, hollow and thick curls of water (a.k.a., tubes or barrels) that surfers can surf inside of and hopefully escape from using expert tube riding abilities.

Aloha and Mahalo for reading

domingo, novembro 23, 2008

The future
During the winter of 2005/2006, Jon Jon was the youngest competitor ever in the Pipeline Masters. He is completely at ease in giant surf at Haleiwa, Pipeline and Sunset. Farther out to sea, Jon Jon has been whipped into some giant waves that have some surfers using unheard of expressions like “10 times overhead,” because Jon Jon is such a sprout.

At the age of 16 Jon Jon is seen as the leader of the new generation of surfers..
Will it be a flop? Or will he be the next champion?
I see a waterman in the making...
Aloha and Mahalo for reading

sexta-feira, novembro 21, 2008

New Baby

Yesterday I was in the shaping bay with DJ Kane to see in loco one of my two new babies being born.
It started off as big, fat, rough and ugly blank..

And after 4 hours of hand shaping and 413 photos later, it became this amazing beauty

This new baby is a single fin hull 6´0´´x 21 1/2 x 2 7/8
Being able to see this whole transformation made me realize the amazing talent that DJ has. At the age of 20 DJ is for me a master shaper/craftsman, a very sensitive human being and a connaiseur of both the history of surfing and also European history.
His interpretation of a surfboard performance goes beyond the "normal" boundaries. Watching him shape also made me realize the focus that he has, even after being so tired because of all the shaping that he has been doing.
And today my second baby will be born ( 5´8´´twin keel)
Once again Thank You so much DJ
Aloha and Mahalo for reading

quinta-feira, novembro 20, 2008


I´m glad to anounce the winner of my latest challenge to all you readers out there.

The winner is Rui Ribeiro from http://magic-quiver.blogspot.com/
He will get this fantastic handshaped wooden surfboard. (shaped by yours truly)

Aloha and Mahalo for reading

quarta-feira, novembro 19, 2008


A fluctuation of mind arising from defect of knowledge or evidence; uncertainty of judgment or mind; unsettled state of opinion concerning the reality of an event, or the truth of an assertion, etc.; hesitation. "Doubt is the beginning and the end of our efforts to know." Sir W. Hamilton.

Give the benefit of doubt at all times...

In case of doubt always go out there and catch a few... If no waves are present at the time, enjoy nature and the elements around you..

Aloha and Mahalo for reading

terça-feira, novembro 18, 2008


As the blog reached 1000 hits I would like to challenge you!!

Send me your review on the blog.

The best review will get a nice prize.


P.s. Reviews are accepted until tomorrow :D

Bing Copeland

Bing Copeland played a major role in helping surfing and the surfboard industry to become what they are today. At 13, he became fascinated while helping out at pioneer surfboard maker Dale Velzy’s workshop in Manhattan Beach. He spent the mid-’50s in the Coast Guard stationed in Hawaii and surfed the big waves of Oahu’s North Shore and Makaha. In 1958 he sailed across the Pacific and introduced modern surfboards to New Zealand. By 1960, back in Southern California, he was making surfboards commercially and his company became one of the longest-running and most progressive in the surfing world.

Aloha and Mahalo for reading